Surf the net as if you are in the UK,

wherever you are in the world!

Using our secure UK based servers. Fast and easy setup, low monthly fee.

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Watch UK TV Online
Instant access to UK TV online. View all the same sites you could if you were in the UK.
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Access blocked sites
Access all sites blocked by your isp, or by your location. Such as voip services or news websites.
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Surf public wifi safely
Stop snoopers! Our 128bit encryption protects you from all but the most advanced hackers.
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Why do I need this?

so that you can surf freely, like you can in the UK
  • this means no restrictions on content that you could normally access from the UK
  • no shady monitoring of your browsing by your isp
  • deter hackers, with extra security.
  • access all the sites you want, even those blocked by your isp
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Watch British TV online from anywhere.

Online TV and on demand websites are normally only available if you have a UK ip address. An ip address shows where your computer is located.

By using expat surfer your computer automatically connects to one of our servers (which are like very large computers) every time you go on the internet. This means that every website you visit will see our server’s ip address, based in the UK. Any website you go to will see you as based in the UK.

Don’t worry, if you want to visit a site from your local ip address the service can just be switched off.

Access blocked sites such as Voice over IP.

VoIP (Voice over IP) is a good way to call long distances cheaply. Through your internet connection you can make international calls often at the fraction of the normal phone line cost. However, some ISPs (internet service providers) block access to these sites, especially those that also provide a telephone service.

With the expat surfer service you are able to bypass all such blocks, as your ISP cannot see the site you are visiting, and only sees that you are connected to an expat surfer server.

Increased protection on public wi-fi networks.

Using the expat surfer service gives you extra protection when using a public wi-fi network, because all of your data is encrypted.

When you use public wi-fi networks without any encryption everything you send over the internet, including credit card details and passwords can easily be monitored by anyone else using the same network.

By using expat surfer’s servers you establish a private tunnel between your computer and our servers, so if anyone is snooping all they will see is that you are connected to our servers and none of your sensitive information.

As with all security measures this cannot offer 100% protection, there are some very highly skilled hackers who can get round this encryption.