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Use public wifi networks with confidence.

When you access the internet via a public wifi network anyone else using that network has easy access to all of the sites you visit and all of the data you send. This means they can see any usernames and passwords you enter and even your credit card details if you buy anything online.

By using expat surfer, surfing on a public wifi network is much safer. That's because every time you connect to our servers we set up a secure virtual tunnel between your computer and our server. Then all the data you send from your computer over the internet (including sensitive information) is passed down this secure tunnel, protecting you from prying eyes.

We use 128 bit encryption technology to provide this valuable safety feature.

Of course, as with all safety measures, this cannot offer 100% protection, there are a few very highly skilled, determined hackers who would still be able to view your data.

to protect your data always use expat surfer when you are using a wifi network at the airport, in a coffee shop or anywhere that other people have access to the same network.
use hot spots safely using expat surfer
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